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Welcome to Pop Up D.C. Car Wash and Detailing!

We are Larry Leigh and Jelani Wilkins,  two guys that shared a love for classic vehicles and began a business which mostly bought and sold them all the while keeping our acquired collectibles in great shape.  While looking for new investments and startup opportunities, we found Pop Up Car Wash, a very unique detailing service, and we had to get in on it.


In operation since February 2013, Pop Up Car Wash D.C. is focused on providing exceptional service and promptness, all while promoting environmental awareness; a come-to-you, eco-friendly car washing and detailing service, comparable to standard car wash services. Pop Up solutions are biodegradable and not harmful to automobile surfaces. The fact that we do not use water tanks and heavy machinery means we can come to clients anytime and absolutely anywhere.



That’s right, we are a waterless, mobile car wash and detail service!



Alongside of the eco-friendly products and service, we saw an important opportunity to create jobs in this stagnant economy.  The Pop-Up team not only aims to create new jobs by the summer of 2014, we also offer low cost start up packages for those who wish to go into business for themselves in the D.C. Metropolitan Area.


To schedule a Pop Up car wash or for more information on our business opportunities, call Larry or Jelani at 1-800-CAR-WASH today!


Let us know that you love the environment by having us pop up on your vehicle, then tell community how we're doing by leaving a review on or liking us on Facebook or use Twitter to tell everyone the Pop Up Car Wash D.C. guys are the best!


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